Dự án Bitspawn hệ sinh thái của SOLANA | Lên Sàn Mexc 11h59p ngày 13.12.2021

Dự án Bitspawn hệ sinh thái của SOLANA

Tổng cung: 1 tỷ coin

Ngày giao dịch trên sàn Mexc: 11h59p ngày 13.12.2021

Link đăng ký: 👉 https://checkincoins.com/Mexc

Bitspawn enables greater community control, scalability, and player independence. Integrated payment processing system with game data automation is our competitive advantage. We want to level the playing field in the esports market and give all players equal opportunity to compete. Our platform enables players to connect directly with sponsors and advertisers to help them build their personal brand. Amateur players can earn an income off competing without having to resort to streaming.


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